Anzurum is a colony of the Empire of Nerath, settled centuries ago when the Empire was pushing its borders in all directions. Originally Anzurum was a barbarian stronghold ruled by a cunning necromancer. At that time the Emperors of Nerath did not use a traditional invasion force, but instead sent a steady stream of poor and sometimes dangerous citizens to colonize distant lands.

The colonists outnumbered the barbarians after one generation, and when the necromancer died, an imperial governor was appointed to take control of the fast growing city. The surrounding area became a province of the empire and Anzurum its capital.

Anzurum is a port city on a rocky northern coast. A short but powerful river, the Anzur, flows out of the mountains and past the docks of Anzurum. A web of farms and villages surround the river below a great waterfall. To the west is a mountain chain and to the east is a vast forest. The sea is a narrow strait separating Nerath from a largely unexplored continent. To the south runs the Nerathan Pike, stretching 500 miles back to the Great Capital of Nerath.

For a time Anzurum flourished under the spotlight of the Empire. It was the new frontier and famous imperial warlords mustered armies there to explore the continent to the north, and to battle menacing Fey armies, hungering for civilized blood, in the forests to the east.

Since the first governor appointed after the death of the necromancer, a line of diplomats, generals, and political lackeys has filled the same position. In the past the governor was appointed from the capital of Nerath, but this has changed with the appointment of the last governor.

The current governor is a native of Anzurum and has never been to the Great Capital of Nerath. He was a young paladin of great renown when he was chosen by the dying former governor, an old warlord and veteran of the imperial army. Although there were concerns at the time that the Emperor might revoke this selection, the appointment was accepted. The current governor has rule for 50 years.

The bureaucrats who run the city under the governor have had ample resources. The city trains and fields it’s own garrison. There are strong merchant and craftsman guilds. The colony trades with a small dwarven city that lies to the west, and with tribes that live on the shores of the continent to the north.